Investigating the Facts About Christ

Matthew 11:2-5
Sunday Morning Service
Speaker or Group
Pastor James Zaebst

Matthew 11:2 and 3: When John the Baptist heard of Jesus of Nazareth and heard
what He was doing he sent two trusted Disciples to investigate whether Jesus was
the Christ or not. John knew Christ was to come and when. What he wanted to
investigate was whether Jesus was truly Him or an imposter.
Matthew 11:4 and 5: Christ Jesus does not send a rebuke for John back with His
Disciples, rather, He tells the Disciples to tell John to thoroughly investigate the
facts. He knew that if anyone examined the facts with an open mind they would
believe. God does not ask us to simply take a blind leap of faith. He genuinely
wants us to investigate the facts and make a reasoned, informed decision as to the
validity of His claims.
There is no doubt as to Christ’s ability to heal all who were sick regardless of their
severity. He gave the blind sight (John 9:6-12). He made the lame walk (John 5:5-
9). Even His critics never doubted His ability to heal (John 5:16). He cleansed
lepers (Luke 17:12-15). He healed the deaf and mute (Mark 7:31-36). Christ’s
ultimate feat of healing was in raising the dead to life (John Chapter 11).
Christ’s worst critics and enemies could not deny what had happened (John 12:9
and 10).
Even more remarkable than Christ’s ability to heal was His unique ability to live a
sinless life (Hebrews 4:15). Christ’s most outspoken critics who hated Him could
find no fault in Him. The two charges that Christ was killed for was His claims that
He would rise from the dead and return to glory (Matthew 26:59-61, 63 and 64
and 27:22-24).
As we look at the man (Jesus of Nazareth) can we determine based on a critical
analysis of the facts here that He was and is the Christ, the Son of God? A man
would have to be void of all reasoning ability to conclude otherwise (Psalm 14:1).