Our Mission

Building godly men of today and tomorrow.

The men of today are the men now serving or are ready to serve Christ by leading boys. We exist to build up these men in Christ.

The men of tomorrow are the young men and boys of today. We exist to build up these young men and boys in Christ.

The phrase “…godly men of today and tomorrow” speaks to a central purpose. Equipping boys to be the godly men of tomorrow – able to serve, lead and disciple in family, church and community!

We accomplish our mission by:

Training, equipping and encouraging men for ministry in general and ministry to young men and boys specifically.

Empowering men to use their own gifts, talents and experience to teach the truth of God’s Word with insight and enthusiasm.

Encouraging young men and boys to grow in Christ-likeness through relationships with godly men, through fun Bible-related activities that are exciting and relevant to them, through applying Scripture to daily life, through opportunities to serve Christ together, and through memorizing God’s Word.

Providing materials that give men a practical, fun and dynamic way to disciple young men and boys for Christ so that they develop mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

Fostering the skill of fathering through mutual father/son experiences.

II Timothy 2:2Proverbs 22:6Luke 2:52Titus 2:6-8

Our Vision

Godly men who serve, lead and disciple each generation.

CSB is committed to:

Encouraging men in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Equipping men to disciple boys in understanding who they are as created uniquely by God.

Engaging men to model for young men the character and values and roles of a godly man.

The success of what we do in partnership with local churches is totally dependent on engaging, encouraging and equipping men who are passionate and committed to ministering in the lives of boys.

Service, leadership and discipleship must be modeled by godly men in order for boys to understand and embrace these character qualities.

Encouraging men in effective discipleship is a core purpose for our ministry. Many men are stepping away from the church and their responsibility of discipleship rather than striving for something they do not feel comfortable with. We have the experience and resources to help meet this challenge!

Leaving a legacy is at the heart of who we are and what we do. Through building relationships, and modeling Christ-like values and character, men have opportunity to impact boys in today’s and tomorrow’s generations – for God’s glory!

Our Founder

Joe Coughlin turned a Sunday School class of sixth-grade boys into a Christian youth work that mobilized young people for Christian service. Today, Joe’s dream has been fulfilled many times over in Christian Service Brigade and Girls Alive.

Joe was born on May 23, 1919 in Hampton, Virginia. Before he was a year old, his father died. The fact that Joe never knew his father profoundly influenced him later. “I felt that not having had a father as a boy somehow became a contributing factor in my own interest in boys,” he once said, “I desperately wanted a dad. When I discovered John 1:12, I found that I did have a Father.”

Our History

In 1937, Joe Coughlin, a college student teaching a Sunday School class of boys in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, started a weekly club program in order to challenge his restless pupils. It wasn’t an unusual idea, but Joe wasn’t an ordinary Sunday School teacher. He was a young man with a vivid imagination and a burning zeal to serve Christ.

Coughlin dreamed on a grand scale: his Sunday School class of boys could become the nucleus of an army of Christian young men marching for the cause of Christ. The movement grew, molding thousands of boys into mature men of Christ.