October 27, 2019

A Reasoned Look at Creation

Passage: Genesis 1
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at Creation
Genesis Chapter One

Genesis 1:1-5: God called into existence time and matter.
He created it out of nothing (Hebrews 11:3). Day one God created light and day and night.
The light came from God (Revelation 21: 1 and 23).

Genesis 1:6-8: On Day two God created the atmosphere, the sky and clouds and ground and water.
He divided the ground and water from the sky with a firmament
(a barrier or dome).
At this time the earth functioned as a terrarium (Genesis 2:5 and 6).

Genesis 1:9-13: On Day three God made the continents and the boundaries of the oceans (He did this a second time after the flood (Job 38:8).
He also created all the plants. The fruit trees were created mature with fruit on them on day three.
Chronologically they were brand new but physically they were mature. “yielding fruit”.

Genesis 1:14-19: On Day four God created the sun moon and stars.
All set in perfect order to plan (Psalm 8:3).

Genesis 1:20-23: On Day five God created all aquatic life to include all creatures and sea birds.
All of the creatures were created and mature and able to reproduce at creation (verse 22).
All animals produced more of the same kind (verse 21) (no evolving).

Genesis 1:24 and 25: On the sixth day God created the land animals
(All animals were mature and able to reproduce immediately).

Genesis 1:26-28: On the Sixth day God created mankind (Adam and Eve).
They were mature adults at creation and able to reproduce with a God given mandate to do so.
Chronologically they were only moments old but physically how old were they?

Genesis 1:29: Adam and Eve were mature enough at creation to harvest their own food and survive without care.
They also had mature edible plants to consume.
If you cut down the fruit trees would they have had rings?

Genesis 1:30 and 31: By the sixth day the entire creation was totally complete.
Nothing had to mature or grow up.

In six days God had called into existence a mature earth very much like what we live in today.
A Botanist would cut down the fruit trees and count the rings and declare them perhaps 100 years old.
A Veterinarian might examine a whale and declare it one hundred years old.
A Physician would certainly argue if you claimed Adam and Eve were infants of one day old.

Every indication points to a completely mature creation.