November 3, 2019

A Reasoned Look at Man’s Creation – Part 1

Passage: Genesis 2
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Genesis 2:1-3: On the seventh day all the work of creation to include “the heavens and the earth were finished” (everything was in its mature completed state as it is today). “and all the host of them”. Host here refers to the earths furnishings. The earth was complete and completely furnished in six literal days. All species of plants and animals were reproducing “after their (own) kind” (Genesis 1:12, 21 and 24).

Genesis 2:4-6: This is a reference back to day two (the sky and atmosphere and the domes creation). This had to occur before the creation of the plants on day three (1:6-8 and 11-13). The plants were created for man. There was no need for any plants until God was readying the earth for Adam and Eve.

Genesis 2:7: Every single physical element found in the human body is found in the soil. There is nothing in your chemical make up that is not readily found in the dirt (Genesis 3:19). Our beginnings are rather humble. The soul of man is entirely supernatural and it is entirely God given (Ecclesiastes 12:7). The world has no plausible explanation for the non-material side of man.

Genesis 2:8-15: Mans primary responsibility after bearing God’s image to the world (Genesis 1:26 and 27), was the dressing and the keeping of creation (v.15). Man became a steward of this physical world which is a gift of God (Ephesians 5:20 and I-Corinthians 4:2).

Genesis 2:16 and 17: Man is given only one single rule. He cannot keep even one single rule (Romans 3:10).

Genesis 2:18: God recognized that Adam was not yet complete. Adam alone was unfit and unable to meet God’s expectation of him.

Adam desperately needed help to meet God’s expectations. Men left to themselves are barbaric. The degree of which women are active in the governance of a society is the degree of its level of civility and humanity.

Genesis 2:19 and 20: The animals were made for man and put under his authority and his rule (Genesis 1:28).

Genesis 2:21-23: Eve was not made of dust but she was made of Adam. Eve was twice refined as a creation of beauty. God made women as they are to attract men to them (Genesis 29:16-19). Eve did not come from mans head to rule him or of his feet to be trampled by him but from his side to bring him completion.

Genesis 2:24-25: God ordained marriage as a union of one man to one woman in Holy Matrimony (any physical relations outside of this is clearly sin) (Hebrews 13:4 and Leviticus 20:13 and 23 and 24). The two necessary elements of a Godly marriage are the leaving of parents and cleaving together as one flesh. The cleaving will not happen without the leaving.