September 13, 2020

Are We Living in the Last Days?

Passage: II Timothy 3:1-8
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II Timothy 3:1: We are told of a surety the Last Days for the Church will be Perilous Times as described by Paul in his epistles to us. This is not to be confused with Israel’s Last Days, which will be The Tribulation (Acts 2:16-20) and the Kingdom (Isaiah 2:1-4).

The Last Days shall be characterized by:
• II Timothy 3:2:
a) A self-centered attitude
b) Covetousness
c) Bragging
d) Pride
e) Blasphemous behavior
f) Disobedience to parents
g) Lack of faithfulness
h) Lack of holiness (sanctification)

• II Timothy 3:3:
a) No natural affection
b) Refusal to keep your word
c) False accusations
d) No self-control
e) Hatred of those that are good

• II Timothy 3:4:
a) Traitorous behavior
b) Recklessness
c) Pridefulness
d) Desirous of pleasure over the things of God

• II Timothy 3:5:
a) Having a form of Godliness (a religion), but not believing in God’s Supernatural Power.
b) Not believing in that which is mysterious or miraculous.

• II Timothy 3:6-8: The Last Days will be marked by:
a) The practice of a religion that fails in every way to ground anyone in the truth of God’s Word.
b) Religion detached from the teaching of Scripture (II Timothy 4:3 and 4).

Does this not accurately describe the days we are living in?

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