November 11, 2018

Christ’s Death Prophesied

Passage: Isaiah 53:1-10
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Isaiah 53:1: Who will believe the Lord?
Those that do will the Lord save?
Will Israel ever believe? Yes, and they will be saved and mightily used. (Romans 11:15 and Revelation 7:2-14)

Isaiah 53:2: Christ was born as a little baby boy in the usual way.
Not with all the pomp and majesty of a King. (Luke 2:6 and 7)

Isaiah 53:3: He was hated and rejected. (John 7:7 and Matthew 27:22 and 23 and John 1:11) His suffering to such a degree it was hard to watch.

Isaiah 53:4 and 5: The suffering and pain and death was ours.
(Romans 3:23, 6:23) The wages of our sin is our death.

Isaiah 53:6: He takes all our sins on Himself and we get His righteousness. (II-Corinthians 5:21 and Romans 3:22)

Isaiah 53:7: He never defended Himself.
(Luke 23:6-9 and Mark 15:1-5)
We are without excuse so He was too when He took our sins. (Romans 3:19) You certainly have no defense for the sins of the whole world!

Isaiah 53:8: No need for a trial, it was God’s will.
(John 19:11 and Mark 14:32-36)
No one left to carry on His name! He died first for Israel.
(Acts 5:31)

Isaiah 53:9: Hung between two thieves. (Luke 23:32)
Buried in a rich man’s tomb. (Luke 23:50-53)
Being completely innocent. (Luke 23:3 and 4)

Isaiah 53:10: All according to the Fathers will.
(John 4:34 and Luke 22:42)