March 24, 2019

Christ’s Everlasting Work

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Speaker: Pastor James Zaebst | Hebrews 10:10:

It is God’s will that we are made holy only through Christ’s work on the cross. (John 3:14).

He died one time for all men. He bore the sins of all men.

What defense could be offered for that multitude of sin

(John 19:9-11)?



Hebrews 10:11:

The effect of the earthly priest’s work was temporary.

Hebrews 10:1-4: The sacrificial system only covered the sin. They had to be offered again and again and again.



Hebrews 10:12:

Christ’s sacrifice lasts forever. (All sin has been forever dealt with).

Christ came to finish a work. (John 4:31-34 and 5:32).

Christ did finish the work. (John 19:30).

Only Christ can take sin away forever. (John 1:29)



Hebrews 10:13:

Now He sits in Heaven awaiting the universal subjugation of all who oppose Him (Revelation 19:17-19).



Hebrews 10:14:

By Christ’s work on the cross we are forever maintained in a state of perfected salvation (Ephesians 1:4).



If you could be saved then lose your salvation, what were you saved from in the first place. To be saved at all is to be eternally saved.





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