July 14, 2019

Faithfulness Rewarded

Passage: II Chronicles 13:1-22
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Bible Text: II Chronicles 13:1-22 | Speaker: Pastor James Zaebst | II Chronicles 13:1 and 2: There was, there is, and always will be a war between believers and non-believers (John 15:19 and 16:33).

II Chronicles 13:3: The Believers were always outnumbered as they are yet today, and always will be. Being vastly outnumbered does not mean a thing if we are on God’s side (Psalm 27:1 and I John 4:4).

II Chronicles 13:4-12: We, as Believers, have a testimony to share. We have an obligation to share with any and all who will listen to what God has done in our lives. Always share your testimony. Always share your story. Paul, while under arrest, took the opportunity to share his own personal testimony (Acts 26:9-23). Doing so resulted in him being accused of being insane (Acts 26:24). Even so, Paul’s personal story almost persuaded King Agrippa to become a believer. Our own personal testimony is powerful.

II Chronicles 13:13-22: God always rewards faithfulness. Abijah was Godly in an ungodly world. Abijah made a stand though he was vastly outnumbered. Abijah gave his own testimony even to those who had no interest whatsoever. God richly rewarded Abijah for his personal faithfulness. Should we expect anything less from God today (Hebrew 13:8)?

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