October 20, 2019

God’s Creative Work

Passage: Genesis 1:1
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Bible Text: Genesis 1:1 | Speaker: Pastor James Zaebst | The Cosmological Argument:

· Whatever begins to exist, has to have a cause. (John 1:3 and Romans 1:19 and 20)

The Evidence of Physics:

· The Earth has been fine tuned. (Colossians 1:17 and Job 38:1-6)

The Evidence of Biochemistry:

· Our complex physical bodies demand an Engineer. (Psalm 139:14)

· The law irreducible complexity comes into play when we examine the cell. (Isaiah 55:9)

The Evidence of Biological Information:

Recorded information (DNA Code) demands an Author. (Exodus 34:27)

The Evidence of Astronomy:

· The sun, the moon, the stars and planets all set right where they need to be. (Psalm 8:3)

The Evidence of Consciousness:

· That which has consciousness could not have sprung forth from dead matter void of consciousness. (Genesis 1:26 and 27)

· We exist physically and spiritually. (Matthew 10:28 and Romans 8:16)

· Where does the Spirit/Soul come from? (Genesis 2:7)

A Heavenly Creator is the only Rational Conclusion:

· To consider all of the scientific evidence and to deny the existence of God is to be a fool. (Psalm 14:1)

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