December 2, 2018

Our Future Is In God’s Hands, Not Our Own

James 4:13: People place great importance and worth on our own plans and accomplishments, even if God is not in them (Genesis 11:1-8).
God looks down at man’s plans and dreams and calls it vanity
(Ecclesiastes 1: 3, 4 and 14).
All that we buy or build or create will one day be gone
(Matthew 6:20).
The value of a man’s life is not the sum of his possessions
(Luke 12:15).

James 4:14: None of us knows what tomorrow holds
(Genesis 27:1 and 2).
Our life ends quickly. Like a vapor or grass (I-Peter 1:24).
We all live in a state of uncertainty (Psalm 89:48
and Hebrews 9:27).

James 4:15: We hate to think for a moment that we are not in charge!
It is God who ultimately is in control (I-Samuel 2:6-8
and Job 12:10).
Our best laid plans cannot thwart God’s will (Proverbs 19:21).
How wonderful it would be if we took on the mind of Christ
(Philippians 2:5).
Christ only hoped and prayed and planned only for God’s will
(Matthew 26:36-39).

James 4:16: When we lay out our own plans that don’t include God, it is sin. To go even further and to actually boast about our own plans is an even greater sin (Psalm 10:3).