July 7, 2019

Our Testimony Amidst Adversity

Speaker: Pastor James Zaebst | Matthew 7:24-27: When you get into the Word of God and study it and you let it be a guiding force in your life you build up a settled faith that is more than able to withstand the storms of life. Those who do not regard God’s Word have nothing firm on which to stand. No one has sunshine forever in their lives. A storm will come (Matthew 5:45).

When storms come you must have a faith account to draw from (Romans 10:17).

As you weather a storm it is a real opportunity to let your light shine as the world watches your test of faith (Matthew 5:14-16).

Job had his faith tested as perhaps no one else in the Scriptures.

Job lost his sons and his daughters (Job 1:13-15).

He then lost his livestock and servants (Job 1:16 and 17).

Then Job lost his health (Job 2:7).

Job was thrust into the deepest spiritual valley imaginable.

The God of the mountain is still the God of the valley

(Psalm 23:4).

Job’s friends and the world were watching closely to see just how this great man of faith would respond to adversity. Believers should handle adversity differently (I-Thessalonians 4:13).

Job’s reaction was not what it should have been at all. Job missed out on a real opportunity to showcase his faith to his friends and his friends pointed his failure out to him clearly (Job 4:1-5).

Job’s faith failed the test. When calamity came, he lost all hope and fell into inconsolable despair (Job 3:11, 25 & 26). He had moments of great faith (Job 13:15), but he lacked consistency and it damaged his testimony.

How much faith do you have? How will it fare when tested?

Why not grow your faith into a faith that will stand in the storm (I-Peter 2:2).

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