May 5, 2019

The Parable of the Unjust Judge

Passage: Luke 18:1-18
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Bible Text: Luke 18:1-18 | Speaker: Pastor James Zaebst | Luke 18:1: The lesson of the Parable is stated first.
We are to never stop praying (I-Thessalonians 5:17, Acts 12:5 and Romans 1:9).

Luke 18:2: A Judge void of any morals. A non-believer who saw men as physical creatures not as God’s creation in His image.
Unjust Judges were common in Israel (Psalm 82:1-6).

Luke 18:3: A widows cries for justice appear to fall on deaf ears, but the Judge hears her (Psalm 3:4).
God knows our need even before we ask (Matthew 6:7 and 8).

Luke 18:4 and 5: Repeated pleadings have the ability to wear down the callous indifference of even a non-believer.
How much more a God of Love! (I-John 4:8).
Who feels our infirmities (pain) (Hebrews 4:15 and 16).
This same logic is used in Matthew 7:9-11: If you can count on a mere mortal man to do right how much more can you count on God!

Luke 18:6-8: If a morally destitute Judge can be counted on to do right, how much more God! (Genesis 18:25).
Man is not worthy even of consideration (Psalm 8:4).
Man is a worm (Job 25:6). He is dust and ashes (Genesis 18:27).

God in all His purity (Job 15:15)
Is perfect, true, just, right and without iniquity
(Deuteronomy 32:4).
He can do no wrong (Job 34:10).

He certainly will listen to your prayers!

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