July 5, 2015

The Story of Joseph (Part III)

Passage: Genesis 41:1-56
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Bible Text: Genesis 41:1-56 | Speaker: Pastor James Zaebst | Series: The Story of Joseph

Genesis 41:1-4: For two full years Joseph remains in prison (Psalm 6:3-4). Then Pharaoh dreams a dream. Seven fast healthy beautiful cows come up out of the Nile and eat in a meadow. Then seven skinny half starved cows come out of the river and eat the fat ones.

Genesis 41:5-7: Pharaoh falls asleep again and dreams another dream. Corn sprouts up with seven full ears on each stalk. Then stalks of sickly thin corn sprout up and consume the good corn.

Genesis 41:8: Pharaoh awakes and is perplexed. He looks for answers from non-believers who have none (Job 28:12-13).

Genesis 41:12-13: As believers, we alone, have the truth (Psalm 111:10).

Genesis 41:15-16: God alone can answer the tough questions (Romans 11:33). The test of truth is never just universal acceptance (Proverbs 14:12).

Genesis 41:25-32: God will send seven years of plenty followed by seven years of horrible famine (Lamentations 3:37). Joseph did not have just a crystal ball. He was in direct communication with the one doing the driving.

Genesis 41:33-36: Pharaoh needed someone to prepare Egypt for the coming famine. There was no one better than Joseph (Genesis 41:38-40).

Genesis 41:45,46,55,56: Joseph became the most powerful man in the world at that time. All in fulfillment of his prophetic dream (Genesis 37:6-10). God was in charge, not Joseph’s brothers (Genesis 37:20 and Psalm 2:2-4).

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