March 22, 2015

The Unpardonable Sin

Passage: Luke 12:10
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Luke 12:10: To speak against and resist Christ was forgivable.
To resist the Holy Ghost would not be forgiven.

Acts 2:22-23: Israel certainly did speak against and resist Christ. (John 1:10-11)

Luke 23:32-34: They were forgiven. If they were not then Christ was out of the will of God. (John 8:28-29, John 4:31-34) (Israel was not set aside at the cross.)

Luke 13:6-9: (The Key) Israel rejected Christ in the flesh for three years. Then they crucified Him. But they had one more year of ministry by the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2:16-18, 42, 43: The Holy Spirit ministered mightily and miraculously to Israel for one year.

Acts 5:12-16: The Holy Spirits working was undeniable.

Acts 5:26-28: They still would not believe.

Acts 7:51-52: Complete rejection of the Holy Ghost. They had rejected God the Father. Then they rejected the Son. An now the Holy Ghost (Three strikes and you’re out!)

Acts 7:54-60: Israel stones God’s Spirit filled Messenger and Christ stands in judgment of Israel.
(One year after the cross.) – (Romans 11:8-10, 15, 20, 25)