July 21, 2019

Three Flashes in the Pan

Passage: Luke 9:57-62
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Bible Text: Luke 9:57-62 | Speaker: Pastor James Zaebst | The Bible has so much to say about setting the proper priorities. Three people here failed to do so and as a result their service to Christ amounted to a mere flash in the pan.

Luke 9:57 and 58: Our first person could not set aside the comfort provided by his possessions. Our love of things can, and often does hinder our love of Christ (Proverbs 15:16).  Our endless pursuit of more possessions puts us at odds with God. In I-Kings Chapter 21 King Ahab (king of Israel) governed a huge kingdom and already had great possessions but he took no comfort in all he had because he wanted all. The fact that one man (Naboth) had a small vineyard and would not sell it to him so troubled him he killed him and stole it.

Luke 9:59 and 60: Our next person would not follow Christ until he had finished caring for his aged father. He would follow Christ only after his father’s death. If our family’sdesires and comforts always come first, we will never get around to serving Christ. Our service to Christ should come first (Matthew 10:1-4 and 36-39).

Luke 9:61 and 62: Our last person had no sense of urgency. His plans would always come first, he would serve Christ when he got around to it. If you plan to serve the Lord when you get all your life in order first, it will never happen. We must have a sense of urgency (John 9:4, II-Corinthians 6:2, I-Peter 3:15 and II-Timothy 4:2 and 3).


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