September 6, 2020

Two Skeptics Radically Transformed by One Event

1. James the brother of the Lord.

Matthew 13:54-58: A Prophet is without honor among his family.
John 7:2-5: His brothers (including James) did not believe.
Acts 12:17, 15:13 and 21:18: Here we see that James has been radically transformed and is the leader of the Messianic Church.

What event could possibly account for this Radical Transformation?
I Corinthians 15:3-7: James saw and recognized his own Brother as the Resurrected Christ! (He now knew it was all true!)
James died for his faith as a martyr. He was clubbed to death outside the Temple wall under the authority of the Sanhedrin.

2. Paul (or Saul) of Tarsus.

Philippians 3:4-6: A law-keeping Jew of the Tribe of Benjamin.
A Pharisee instructed by Gamaliel himself (Acts 22:3).
Acts 7:58-59, 9:1-2, and 22:3-5: Paul was the single most intense opponent and persecutor of Christ (Acts 9:4).

Paul was radically and miraculously transformed (Galatians 1:23 and 24). By seeing the Risen Lord (I Corinthians 9:1, 15:8 and Acts 9:3-8 and 17).
Paul died for his faith in the resurrection (Acts 22:30 and 23:6-8). He was killed in Rome under the authority of Nero.